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Overzicht van video’s over uitzonderlijke hoogbegaafdheid

In het Nederlands

Uitzonderlijk hoogbegaafd (UHB), wat is het (niet)? – You Tube

Infosessie Talentvol 30 Sept 2021

Hoe ga je het beste om met uitzonderlijke hoogbegaafdheid? – You Tube
Tania Gevaert

Hoogbegaafdheid kent iedereen ondertussen wel, maar heb jij al gehoord van uitzonderlijk hoogbegaafde kinderen? En wist je dat er wel degelijk een verschil bestaat? Kom er in deze video meer over te weten!

Hoogbegaafde rebel – You Tube kanaal
Renata Hamsikova

Hoogbegaafde rebel

In het Engels

Rise: the extraordinary journey of the exceptionally and profoundly gifted – film
The Daimon Institute

This new hour-long documentary film, Rise: The Extraordinary Journey of the Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted, is a look into the lives of twelve exceptionally and profoundly gifted children, teenagers and young adults, fleshed out by stirring testimony from parents, teachers, and administrators.

Rise: the extraordinary journey of the exceptionally and profoundly gifted

Educating Nathan: raising a profoundly gifted child – You Tube
Great Schools

One mother’s epic quest to find the right school for her profoundly gifted son.

Gifted Children – You Tube
P. Susan Jackson

This is the first documentary the Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted made in 2011 on Giftedness.
By donating to and supporting these documentaries you support our educational goal to help further knowledge of an oft-ignored minority of people whose way of living is fundamentally distinct from the norm and whose potential and drive to contribute to society is truly boundless.

P. Susan Jackson over een 145+ IQ – You Tube

Een interview met P. Susan Jackson van het Daimon Institute. Zij werkt met exceptionally en profoundly gifted mensen van 0-99. In het interview vertelt ze meer over wat de hyperhoogbegaafde (IQ 145+) doelgroep bijzonder maakt en waarom het moeilijk is hun capaciteiten in te schatten: “We can’t measure a three foot long organism with a one foot long ruler – we know we don’t get full results”.

Dr. Deborah Ruf about the Five Levels of Gifted – You Tube

Dr. Ruf shares her insights on the Five Levels of Gifted – research that has taken her decades to complete. She explains what the difference is between a moderately gifted and a profoundly gifted person.
Interview by Femke Hovinga, Talentissimo

About 5 levels of gifted

Gifted Guru Lisa Van Gemert about a 145+ IQ – You Tube

In this video, gifted guru Lisa Van Gemert shares her insights on a 145+ IQ and underachievement.
Interview by Femke Hovinga, Talentissimo (

Dr. Tracy Inman about 145+ IQ kids – You Tube

Dr. Tracy Inman (Western Kentucky University) shares her insights on those who score above 145 in IQ-tests.
Interview by Femke Hovinga, Talentissimo (

About 145+ IQ kids

Dr. Paul Beljan about kids with a 145+ IQ – You Tube

Interview with Dr. Paul Beljan about a 145+ IQ and misdiagnosis. With advice for parents.
Interview by Femke Hovinga, Talentissimo (

Dr. Karen Rogers about a 145+ IQ – You Tube

Karen Rogers is professor emerita in Gifted Studies at the University of St. Thomas (Minneapolis). In this video, she shares her insights on giftedness and extreme giftedness.

About a 145+ IQ

Psychologist Fiona Smith about a 145+ IQ – You Tube

Fiona Smith, director of the Gifted Minds practice, shares her insights about having a 145+ IQ.

Gifted child assessment and 5 levels of gifted: Dr Deborah Ruf interview – You Tube

Dr Alex interviews Dr Deborah Ruf, the expert for gifted children assessment and guidance, and the author of the popular and award-winning book ‘5 Levels of Gifted’.

“The unique inner lives of gifted children” by Linda Silverman – You Tube
National Talent Center of the Netherlands

Presentatie van Linda Silverman tijdens de pre-conference ‘Bijzonder begaafd’ op 27 september 2016, georganiseerd door het Informatiepunt Onderwijs & Talentontwikkeling (SLO).

Are gifted children getting lost in the shuffle? – You Tube
Vanderbilt University

Gifted children are likely to be the next generation’s innovators and leaders—yet the exceptionally smart are often invisible in the classroom, lacking the curricula, teacher input and external motivation to reach full potential.
This conclusion comes as the result of the largest scientific study of the profoundly gifted to date, a 30-year study conducted by researchers at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of education and human development.

Forty years later: what happens to mathematically precocious youth identified at age 12? – via Mediasite
David Lubinsky

Lezing gehouden op 30 april 2014 aan de Universiteit van Minnesota. Dr. David Lubinski presenteert er de resultaten van de 40-jarige studie inzake wiskundeonderwijs voor getalenteerde leerlingen.

Forty years later