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Overzicht van platforms met publicaties en nieuwsbrieven over (uitzonderlijke hoog)begaafdheid:


Gifted Through the Lifespan – Deborah Ruf

Deborah Ruf, PhD, is a specialist and author on the topic of giftedness throughout the life span. She has written 3 books on the topic.

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Guiding gifted – Davidson Institute

Are you an adult who cares about a gifted or twice-exceptional child? Are you unsure of how to support the gifted child in your life? Let us help you find the resources and path that work best for you.

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Michelle’s Substack – Profoundly gifted parenting

A mom raising a 15 year old PhD candidate. Sharing our story, tips, and resources for the gifted community.

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Positive Disintegration – Chris Wells and Emma Nicholson

Discover the hidden blessings within the process of disintegration. Join us on a journey of exploration through shared stories and insightful conversations. We delve into the framework of positive disintegration, shedding light on intense experiences that can often resemble mental health struggles but are, in fact, the building blocks of crafting an authentic personality.

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The Gifted Neurodivergent Podcast

Thoughts and Theories on Living Well with Neurodivergence

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The Quiet Life with Susan Cain

The Quiet Life is for people who love quiet, depth, and beauty, and is read in 189 countries

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The Creative Mind Newsletter and Podcast

Information and inspiration for creative, highly sensitive, high ability/gifted, perhaps neurodivergent people: post and podcast episodes with artists, psychologists, program authors and more …

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